What's your favorite Airline company ? And why?

Hello IFC members!

I’m making this topic for those who want to share what airline they prefer and why (as said in the title).
For me it’s Air Canada with no doubts! I love them because they’re offering really good product, their fleet is modern and young and for final, it’s my Home career and company ( I live in Toronto) 🇨🇦🇨🇦!

And you?


For ex look, what’s you favorite Airline between these:

  • American Airlines
  • Delta airlines
  • United
  • Southwest

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Maybe put this under #real-world-aviation because not IF
But Southwest or Delta

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Ok i Will do it.

But the RWA don’t accept podt like that i read it.

If I say X or Y what is the point the readers will get from this topic?

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Of the 15 or so airlines I’ve been on irl, I’d have to say UA,SW, or USA

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This is just and interesting feature for sharing information, share our passion about aviation simply:) .

You should put this under #real-world-aviation

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Ok always good airlines here!

Alright then, mine is UN (United Nations), because they do humanitarian flights with volunteers.

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Good but i can’t, it says me that i can’t do that action.

Your TL is member so I’m pretty sure you should be able to

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Good choice! Humanitarian service have to be here for our survive.

Delta for sure. It’s my hometown airline (JFK & LGA) and I’ve been loyal to them for years and I love their product.

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Yes Delta are offering good products!

Huh, ok

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Strange right? I don’t know why i can’t do that.

Can you create a new topic there?

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Yes why i don’t remember that earlier, im dumb 😅 sorry