What's your experience with Virtual Blue?

Hello everyone,

I’ve been looking at virtual airlines lately and was thinking about joining Virtual Blue. (JetBlue Virtual) As much as I love JetBlue I’m not sure if I should join Virtual Blue. I can’t tell if they’re active, don’t know what there reputation is, etc. Has anyone been in or is in Virtual Blue? If you have, can you tell me your experience so I can get an idea being in Virtual Blue?

Thanks guys!

You should contact @Eighty, he’s the CEO and can probably give you more of the information you’re looking for. Also check out their website


I can tell you that most of the VA’s are a great experience. I have watched VirtualBlue at work and they look fantastic and their staff and pilots are very professional.

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Thanks for letting me know. I looked at comments at events posted on Virtual Blue and couldn’t get an idea wether they’re good or not.

He wants input from someone who has not put their heart and soul into the VA.

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Well, I’d like to know people’s experiences at Virtual Blue. Do people say it’s good, or do people think it’s bad? Sorry if that message didn’t go through correctly when I posted my question.

All VA’s are good. try to join to jetblue. ^_^

I say that you join them and give them a chance and then tell us what you think of them.

Have Fun! ;)

It’s like when you ask the person at the restaurant if they like the meal you want to order 😂

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@Alex101903 feel free to PM me if you have any questions about VirtualBlue!

@Eighty Roger that! I think I’ll do that now or soon.


As a VirtualBlue pilot, I can tell you it is great. We have great staff, great routes and so much more! We even have a few rea JetBlue pilots to help us on SID/STARS and much more! All that said, we are still a relaxing airline

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Good to know. I’m definitely thinking about joining Virtual Blue since I am a fan of JetBlue airlines. Thanks for sharing your opinion!

Although I’m a fan of Frontier, if your hearts set on Virtual Blue, I will whole heartedly endorse that VA for you. Great management and pilots, and an overall good VA.

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