What's your best landing?

Hello, community.
I created this topic for those who’d like to share their best landings in Infinite Flight. Community users can use this thread to post their best landings. Hope to see some good ones!

Here is mine


A little bit rough

You set throttle to IDLE before touching down, preferrably at 10-20ft AGL.
Then flare, only a little bit, of course.


I had the speed locked to 155 kts with a 50% load

I’m not an expert, but that seems slightly too fast for me. I gently land a 737 at 130-145kts.
Didn’t you control the speed manually? Did you have the Autopilot on?


I have 2 I’ll include 1.


With a 50% load at 130 -145 kts I start to stall

As I said, I’m not an expert.
It’s only my own experience in that aircraft.

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And yes I had the autopilot speed on 155

Very nice landing!

I had a 777 landing but too lazy to include it, maybe when I get home I will include it.

How would you count it? I had a CCX that floated a bit but the final touchdown vs was low or I can’t float a bit?

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How would I count what?

I had a hard time understanding what you said

If I float then touchdown ?

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Try to make manual landings, without autopilot, you have full controll about your plane.
That’s actually flying. Autopilot in my opinion only makes a landing much more boring. I love disengaging the autopilot at maybe 1000-2000ft above and bring it down manually.
Simply the best part of every flight.


At first, autopilot landings are hard.

Also, I disable autopilot when I see those Red squares.

Really the only thing I do with the AP on approach is lock the speed everything else I do manuely I get to focused on the yoke to handle my speed. That’s the reason I just lock at 155

But I understand what you mean