Whats you favorite flight

Out of the 5 flights here what is you favorite. I want to see how the community is similar or different.


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If you favorite flight isn’t here can you put out of the which is your favorite then put you face one in the comments.


I’d call them all fairly boring in my opinion 😛


So then put to favorite here lol

A lot of people like KJFK-EGLL. It makes sense though.

not boring its just your average everyday flight in this simulator


I tried to put some of the most popular flights.

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Sure, you can say that, but come on. The same airports, same airlines? It’s mostly just stale.

More stale than a sandwich left in a hot car for a week.


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I like KMCO - KCLT in the AA A321, if we had the E145 it would be KDFW - KSGF in the AA E145

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Yea your right but they are kind the most popular route without IFATC

MROC-MRQP in the Cessna 208

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Interesting. Thanks for you feed back

Where is this in?

Kinda hard to tell… But I personally like KLAX-EGLL (if I had to choose one of the five). But a route I really like more is Toronto to Vancouver.

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Anyway my fav is MROC-KPHX American A321

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Thanks you I should have thought of more interesting routes.

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No one has voted for EGLL-EHAM or KJFK-KLAX

If you want a favourite of mine right now…

Dubai to Bishkek, with a FlyDubai 737-800

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Now that Exotic

Nice to see someone to Kyrgyzstan Because I hardly see someone land in the Stan countries

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Yea. Where is that btw I might fly there more often now.