What's wrong with the Miss Virginia plane?

I want to know, why does no one like the Miss Virginia plane in IF? What should be done to give this plane more love? Not to sound weird, but I actually feel kinda sad for that plane. It’s being left out while the others get so much attention.

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Can you link to the feature request for it?

Most likely because it is one of the oldest aircraft. Not many people know the story behind it, and although many people in this community dream of having a twin engined aircraft in game, this isn’t their type, sadly.


As mentioned above, the P-38 is one of the oldest airplanes in Infinite Flight. Therefore it obviously lacks all the features that were released over the last years. It’s actually still fun to fly though! The best way to show your support for a rework is by voting for the #features request (it has been linked above!). I’d love to see this plane reworked as well, it’s quite unique. But as said, let’s use the Feature request to show our support for a rework of this beautiful plane! 😊