What's wrong with the Denver region

Every time on live I go to the Denver region and nobody’s there. Why???

Ever. I never see anyone there

The most popular region will always be socal, all of the “dead regions” like Denver only have players because an advanced ATC online or an event. If you want to fly with ppl, just go to Socal!

London is getting busier on playground!


The good thing about Advanced is that every day a different map is popular


Totally agree!

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I was just flying on Denver today!! Visibility was at 2.5 :)

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At advanced we try to vary our region every day to different ones. If I remember correctly we were in Denver for a few hours yesterday along with socal and Seattle.


That’s really good! Thanks to all the controllers!


Denver is often busy on advanced

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What about people who don’t have advanced. Regular flying people

The playground is not moderated and people can control where ever they want. SoCal is most popular on the playground. Keep doing touch and goes and you will get to advanced :)


Can someone make an event to where they have a day at Denver (DAD)

Perfect place to do touch and go’s because of the weather, which is probably why people avoid it.