What's wrong with my landings?

I can’t land without crashing, now. I used to never crash but now that’s all I do. I tried coming in higher, lower, faster, slower, and how I usually do it. Yet, none of them work. Is there something in missing?

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Are you flaring?

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Most of the time.

Yep, i can do this…just deleted the other post, didnt read right…where you want to go?
Tell me i take the tower

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SFO, I’ll be coming from Palo Alto. PG server. I’ll be in a318. You be tower at SFO.

My callsign is N1214HK

Sfo it is…thats California right?

San Francisco Region.

Ok, give me a sec

Ok, iam on

Tell me when to take off.

That was an AWEFUL landing.

Well, you did come down, aye? Bit fast, I normally land around 150 kts…

So, let’s try again, I’ll be slower.

I’m going.

Ok, let me get back on, take 28l again

We should put this on pm, so we dont spam this thread full

Good call.


[quote]good call

Yea…one of those rare bright moments…😂


Have you tried bigger aircraft? Sometimes they’re easier to land!