What's wrong with my Infinite flight app?

Hi everyone!

This is my very first post here, and I recently just got Infinite Flight Live+, which is a great game and really worth the money. I was using my game fine for the last 2 days, however (starting) today I’ve encountered some difficulties

Its been showing the little orange wifi logo instead of green, which means i’m not online (however nothing is wrong with my wifi because i’ve restarted my wifi several times and it my wifi works fine on everything else).

My airplane looks extremely strange and “fuzzy” and the graphics are messed up and there are no lights in the cockpit or outside. I’ve tried multiple planes such as the Q400, 777’s, 787’s, however the same result occurs for every plane.

I’ve done all the troubleshooting steps such as logging out and logging back in, restarting the app, restarting the ipad, re downloading the app! But the problem just doesn’t seem to disappear.

Does anyone have a solution, or has anyone encountered a problem like this and found a way out of it?

Any help would be appreciated. I do not want to spend $50 and see this result, where I can’t fly Live, and my plane is just messed up looking.

Thanks for any help,

Henil R.

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Go to the main menu > click the gear in the top left corner > go to the graphics tab > set all graphics to high/very high or whatever is suitable for your device.


Hey! Can you please provide your device specs? (Device, version, etc)

In the meantime, it very well could still be your service provider. I would give them a call regarding a connection issue. If you’re flying on TS1, it may be the server. TS1 has had some problems today.

To fix the aircraft quality, change your graphics settings in the settings menu. This can only be changed from the main menu and not in game.


Servers has nothing to do with graphics quality of your aircraft.
Before starting a flight enter the app settings, and increase graphics quality settings as necessary. In this case increase Airplane Graphics quality to high.
These cannot be adjusted if you start a flight first.


Remember lights in the cockpit only work with high/very high settings and only a few planes (Q400, A420 family, Citation and 787) support cockpit lights. If you’re on Training Server 1, the connection has been very iffy for a few days and it will normally be good.
TS1 has problems that should be fixed soon
Make sure graphics are set to high/very high.
Hope that helped and welcome to the community.

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