Whats wrong with infinte flight

what is going on does anybody know ?

Hello! What is the problem?

it is glitching on my computer

On your computer?

yes anybody else having a problem

I didnt know that there was a pc version of infinite flight

I am having no problems. Could you explain more?

First of all this needs to be a support topic-

Plus give more substance, can you explain exact what’s your problem

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Hello! It appears we are having a problem understanding your issue here. Are these problems with the IF App or the Community forum because IF cannot be played on a computer. If you are experiencing issues with the app, please see the topic below to provide more information on your issue. Thank you!


a Apple Macbook air

Is it the App “Infinite Flight”, you are talking about or is it the Forum “IFC”

Which one is it that isn’t working, and what kind of issues are you having?

It would help us a lot more to understand if you could give us more detailed information on the matter, thank you :)

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If you’re referring to the program, it is only for iOS and Android so it will not work on a computer. If it’s the forums, please provide more details and a screenshot.


Hi @Antonio_Saunders.

If you could help us out by giving us more context around your issue that would be extremely helpful.

Are you receiving an error? If so can you upload a screen shot of the error?

Please hold replies until we hear back from the OP.

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So far we’ve gathered from the cryptic messages hes definitely having issues… and it’s on a MacBook air 🤔

Further details are unknown [cue news room music]


Glad to see that I’m not the only one confused here. It is possible that you are having trouble airplaying from iPad to your computer?

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