What's wrong with Hawaii ATC?

In ATC server in Hawaii region i called ATC for getting ready to taxi ATC wanted me taxi to runaway 08L, 08L was RED !! It was not possible to takeoff from it, i called ATC to change to another runway,i got this message : i have been reported from ATC !?

If you have a problem with ATC/ghosting, please contact the ATC controller via PM

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Did he wanted to make you take off from green to red or red to green?

As @CptNathanHope said, try contacting an ATC officer or controller. (Tyler _Shelton)

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Hey take it easy!

A red runway does NOT mean it cannot be used, it becomes red when there is a tailwind of more than 5 knots, most aircraft can handle about 10-15 knots.

Also if ATC has been using 08L for a time it’s not always very easy to switch.

I think @Heavydriver and @Pilothodge80 controlled there today so let’s see what they wanna say :D

Also, your title is a question? Why did put exclamation marks? I edited it for you.


The problem is im not only got reported in ATC server i got it in playground too !! My standing now is 89 thats bad 😔

And did you take a screenshot of the log? Otherwise we are unable to find out why you were ghosted if the controller did not take one (which he/she should have done.

Anyways, only advanced ATC can ghost, not playground ATC. On the playground you must have been reported by three or more users.

Thanks for edited it samuel

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I forgot to take screenshot sorry

Like Samuel123abc said, its not always that easy to switch runways

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Always take a screenshot in case the controller forgot to.

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A “Red” runway is NOT closed. It means it is not active. But when winds are under 10kts it is up to the controllers discretion to which runways to use. The winds were 340@ 7 kts. Well within the limits of most if not all aircraft. The controllers are taught to Not chase the wind. My advice is to listen to all instructions from controllers. If you have any other questions feel free to message me . // supervisor


As has already been said a red runway doesn’t mean Close runway, it is clearly saying it is not the most preferential runway… But with the layout of the airport it was easier for all traffic to use 08 instead of giving runway crossings while manning 2 frequencies… ATC will not give you anything that isn’t safe to do, so follow instructions



See above posts for ghosting explanations. Feel free to PM one of them if you have questions:)