What's wrong with ATC?

I love infinite flight live a lot, I do it almost every day, I have really no big frustrations except one, whenever I’m flying(most of the time) a random active tower asks me to join there frequency(not my destination tower)because I’m inside there airspace, I’m okay with it until… They tell me I’m cleared to land a runway!and I say unable, then they say follow instructions, but I don’t want to land at that airport then I get reported and I get extremely frustrated because I’m forced to do whatever tower says and I can’t go on advanced because it happens so much, so I’m wandering anything That I could do to stop this?


If you are flying through their airspace but not landing then you request a transition, this way they will know you just want to pass through

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You should either be connected to ground and when tells you to switch to tower then do so.

If a tower is asking you to change frequency to there’s and you’re not even at that airport. Connect, and ask for a frequency change

Send me a screen shot of the radar screen with the ATC log and I’ll deal with it.


Hi Nathan and welcome to the forum.

If flying through a controlled air zone then you have the option to "request transition " which tells an ATC that you are passing through their area rather than landing.

However in real-life you only need to do this if passing below about 5000ft, but I do it even when at a higher levels ( on ATC PG server anyway).

Check out the tutorials section of the forum for more info and hints!

As Jreilly said send him the log if your in there airspace and not just over the circles of their airspace you should be requesting transition while passing thru. But no one should just be clearing you to land without your intentions.

Thank you :) know I know

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