What's worth getting

Whats worth getting. The 777-200LR or 787-10. Please no Live+ Responses please, I don’t have enough to get Live+ (Edit, I have the 787-8,9)

Thanks, Tacobell1015

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787 is great, but I would recommend the 787-9. It has more liveries. The cockpit is also much better then the 777s.

Yeah if you want a lot of liveries then get the 787-9…

thanks, I do have the -8 and -9 and I love them

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Well, if you already have a few 787s I would recommend that you get a 777.

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No live+ ehhhhhh… Get your self live plus
#NotUsingThe +
Jk jk
I think you should get the 787-10 as it’s quite cool although it’s not realistic


I presume you mean the 787-10 is not realistic because it is only just going into production. The issue I have is that British Airways is my favourite airline and only the -10 has their livery, although I believe they do have the 787-8 and -9 as well. Maybe at some point other liveries will be added.

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