What's with American virtual?

I was going to check American virtualIF but it took me to an ad page. Although it DID offer me concert tickets to my favorite band but seriously is AmericanvirtualIF a scam?!?!

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You should post This In #live:va

@americanairlinesif could answer this.

I don’t have any social media accounts besides my google account :/

Ehh good to know mate.

American Airlines Virtual Infinite Flight will make a return soon! Right now they are getting their website sorted :)

Proud partner of American Airlines Virtual Infinite Flight


oooohhhhh thx but they’ve been gone for a while now

They have approached some companies for a website rebuild. As its onto early stages we presume that American virtual will return in the next few weeks.

@Koby_Shuman we assure you our operations are not a scam. Although If you have been keeping up in the IF community, American Airlines IF has been temporarily shut down due to our loss of a hosting service. We have recently gained another provider and are working hard to get our site back up.

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