Whats ur highest ground speed when doing a flight

I dont know if people pay attention to it or not but im just curious what is the highest ground speed yall encounter while doing a flight


I think mine was around 640 kts on a transatlantic flight (going from the west to the east)

Does fighters count coz the other day I was doing a flight from Athens to london(with multiple fuel stops)
And I clocked 1506 knots

I’ve hit about 685kts ground speed before flying across the Pacific, west to east. Think I was flying from Haneda to Chicago tailwind at one point was like 200kts.


The highest I have ever been is 694 flying over the Pacific from L.A. to Sydney. And I still had some room to speed up.

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I honestly don’t keep track lol, but probably 610kts+

My highest till this date that only happened once has been 708 kts because I was flying a Boeing 747-8i and I cruised at 33 000ft where winds were over 195+ kts! (not kidding at all)!

My highest was about 792 kts doing LHR-JFK at FL380 with a tail wind of 174kts no kidding

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About to go “ZOOOOOOMM” and supersonic!! (lmao)

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Yes sirr. Hopefully we can get the new Boom super sonic plane on the sim United already ordered 25 they will be flying in the air in 2025

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I got 784 in a F-18 In a solo just climbing and then diving on full throttle

I got like 1,200 ground speed along the west coast as an F-22, I then became a rocket ship and climbed to FL680.


Powerful engines!

I got 698 knots when flying Amsterdam to singapore

703 i think

Man that’s fastt

I once hit 598 knots with a rather strong tailwind, never passed it since. At least, that was with a commercial 777. Once, I hit 1146 in some kind of fighter, I don’t remember.

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Fighter jet? Around 3000 knots
Commercial aircraft? Around 1800 knots

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