What's up with T-tail planes?

As stated above, similar problem happened during the design of the p38 (random fact😁)
But also because of the following (sorry for the long post or for any bad explaining)

Airlines choose a low wing setup, as that way there is room for cargo in the cargo bay beneath the passengers. This area exists as the plane needs to sit up high, because the engines are beneath the low wing configuration, and engines are no good if half of it is merged with the floor. And so, the plane is effectively in two stories, the upper for passengers, and the lower for their baggage.
How ever there is an exception to each rule; the bombardiers
Airlines use this plane to get to smaller airfields which have rougher runways, and so it’s not good for it to be low wing or the engine/prop will clip. This also allows the plane to be lower to the ground, for easier cargo load/unload. <- same reason why military cargos are mostly high wing.

Also, the bombardier is a prop as props get a plane up to speed quicker, allowing them to takeoff from shorter runways, like a bush runway.

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