What's up with Ragsdale Road?

Yesterday I flew a TBM from Atlanta to Nashville and when I checked nearby airfields during cruise (cause I just didn’t have anything else to do) I noticed something odd. The airfield named ‘Ragsdale Road’ seems to exist twice at the same place, with two different ICAO codes, one is 52M and the other one is 00TN. Furthermore, both airfields have a runway 9/27, just that those are not parallel but rather actually crossing each other. I don’t really understand what’s up there, but I highly doubt that it actually is like that in RL. Maybe someone should check that out


This airport is 00TN, 52M should not be on this map. I think this is an individual airfield as the taxiway seems to enter a warehouse.

This is what it looks like IRL:
Blue being the taxiway and Red being the runway.

Additional information about the airport

00TN - Ragsdale Road Airport | SkyVector

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The airport 00TN was edited in bulk by one of the 2D editors back in 2020. At a guess it was not checked in game for any duplicates of previous ICAO codes from when these airports were imported for global (this can be fairly common). I will forward this to our team and see what we can do.

Thanks for the report!


Yeah, checked the airfield out on the airport selection mode and saw that it has one hangar position. Guess the duplicate will be deleted somewhat soon now

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