What's this?

Sorry I cannot crop with my mobile device but what does the “post pending approval” mean?


Thanks for any answers

It means a Moderator has to approve the post before it appears publicly. An Admin must of made this happen somehow by changing a setting somewhere. Don’t know how or why :) ;)


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They where probably sick of where did my topic go posts so they are reviewing all new ones.

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Even I had it today :)

There should be a way to make a group of users, e,g Regulars able to post without permission.

Oh Really now…SMH!!

No, before everyone makes assumptions let’s be clear that the @system does this. No, System is not a real person, but we like him/her anyway. System might do this because it suspects spam, same thing with Akismet.

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Nah man, we love System! Not always accurate or reliable but still great!

I personally think he’s just having fun.

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