What's this?

I was in socal and i stumbled along this.

do you know? Is it a bug?

We kindly ask that you do not tag that devs:)

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But I have no idea what that is

Ok. I’m sorry

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American 1332 Was ME! :D
I’m finally found!

Anyway, its like a waypoint thingy, not a bug!

Are you still there? Want to fly with me?

On my 1hr 34minute Journey around SoCal.

I’m very happy you parked at TBIT. #Realism.

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Icould escort you with a jet

I’m fine. But thanks!

K. Happy landings!

I always search where my plane is suitable to park!

I’m developing cards, like flight plans where you can park appropriately, only done EGLL currently, LAX is next.

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Back on track, why are those waypoints connected with a line? I went there and i flew over the line, i saw nothing. I flew directly over it and nothing happened also.

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The lines are airways, and are used in real life aviation as “roads”. They connect two waypoints. They aren’t in any way visually represented outside of the map.