Whats this? I wand to change the fuel amount but I cant.

You must have parking brakes on at the ramp to do this.


Just go back and make sure ”Brakes” are highlighted and you should be good :)

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I already turned on the brakes on but when pause the game and click Weight&Balance, it just turns off.

That’s a first…

Is it happening with all the aircrafts or just a specific one?

I tried A380 A340 B787 B777 B747

Make sure you are completely stop and not on the runway.

i have no issues with any aircraft. i guess you accidentally click the manual brake / rudder.

based on his screenshot, he’s on the ramp / gate

I couldn’t see cause my brightness is low.

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A video would be much better to understand

Can you give us a way to reproduce it?

It happened to me once, I just deleted it and re downloaded it and had no problems, try that

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I think it happens because of wind, it reads the wind as the plane moving but it’s not.
This has happened to me before.

Whether or not the plane is moving as far as the weight and balance screen is concerned depends on the ground speed. The wind shouldn’t have any effect.

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