What's the worst fail you've ever had in Infinite Flight?

The Infinite Flight Fails Thread

What’s the worst fail you’ve ever had in Infinite Flight? Well, this is a strange, and sometimes embarrassing question to answer. One time, I was climbing to cruise and forgot to set the altitude. I had the vertical speed set to 2,000 feet per minute. I walked away and ate my dinner, and went to bed. The next morning, my screen says crashed. I sat there, puzzled. “Oh, why don’t you check the replay?” the voice in my head says. I watched the replay, and, well, the plane climbed to some 43,000 feet before stalling and spiraling to its doom. I have since learned my lesson and never made the same mistake again.

I did it again TWICE!

Looking forward to seeing your replies!

I was ghosted once due to excessive speed on a fighter jet, but the physics isn’t that good anyway. I fly B-777 now. I am happy, and FAA doesn’t revoke my certificate, so I am fine.

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