What's the use? Playground server is a circus

I think the problem is the English language. Certainly. the users are international and not everyone understands the English language. There are Spanish, Polish, Chinese, French and of course German users, like me. not all speak English so well, such as the Netherlands or people from England. I constantly use Google Translater to understand and learn. That is the challenge and the first priority to be understood thereby.


Here’s an interesting paragraph from the Wikipedia ATC page:

“Pursuant to requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), ATC operations are conducted either in the English language or the language used by the station on the ground. In practice, the native language for a region is normally used; however, the English language must be used upon request.”

I fly play ground server once recently just because I wanted to fly the F-16 like no normal person would. By the way what is the top altitude in IF never reached it in a F16 but I was well over 80,000 ft.

I worked approach at KSAN last night and had the pleasure of directing u. If I remember correctly u was flying from KPSP to KSAN. You didn’t need much vectoring but it was a pleasure.

I’m going to eat crow - I’ve had several evenings in a row now that have actually been quite good while controlling on the Playground server. I’d even say above average.

Thanks for all your thoughts, everyone. I think language must be an issue and I didn’t take that into account when I wrote it. I’m sure everyone is getting more used to things as time goes on as well.


Definetly a circus just got done controlling approach at KSAN this is one of about five people that just figured they would head into final in advised and just switched to tower after I told them to climb. Put my guy on final ILS approach in a bad spot.


I think my playground experience has not been so bad. Both flying and as a controller. When doing ATC there I try and give as realistic an experience as possible. I would say 90% of people do try and follow instructions. I do enjoy ATC and hope that I give a good service. Maybe I can do the advancerd server test one day.

Yes, this highlights a big problem in that some people don’t seem to understand when to go to the Tower controller. When I do Apporach I will vector you on to the ILS and then hand you off to the Tower about 10 miles or less out once I have cleared you on to the ILS. Some pilots just hand themselves off with 20+ miles to go and then don’t respond to on gaurd warnings to come back on to the Apporach frequency. They clearly don’t understand how Approach and Tower interact. You don’t need to be with Tower that far out.

It is frustrating but I guess inevitable for the playground server.

Hopefully some of Pilots take note of the ‘please check Help pages…’, make it to this Forum and learn lots of new cool stuf ;-)

Believe it or not, but an ATC sending me to the Help pages, chamged my world a bit!


We in the afvanced atc Crew have started to notice that fewer misstakes are being made by pilots, and that infamous remaining in the pattern/request frequency change button is not as misused!

Good work community, I am proud of you!

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I hate the playground server. No one listens. The advanced is starting to feel like it too.


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I see this and it’s ridiculous, they often have 30 or less flight hours

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I thought you were a IFATC ?

Take a look at the time of the original post. That explains it all. ;)

Hey guys. I started this post OVER 1 year ago. This was a time when the ATC tests were on hold which was very frustrating. I wanted to be an advanced server controller but there was no way to do it.

We now have tons of pilot and ATC resources on the forum and YouTube, as well as a solid method for becoming ATC. Yes, the playground (training) server can still be a circus, but we now have an awesome team of recruiters who can introduce you to a team of volunteers that will help you get to where you need to be.

Check this post out for more info. For now, I think this post has outlived its usefulness 🙂 Cheers everyone!