What's the use? Playground server is a circus

Thought I’d do a little ATC practice today but honestly what’s the use on the playground server? Literally every pilot that showed up completely ignored my instructions, which were reasonable requests.

So-and-so is ready for takeoff when they’re waiting half way down the runway. I tell them to hold position. They decide to take off anyway, and say “thank you” on their way out.

I broadcast to wait until you’re first in line to ask for takeoff clearance. Offender says “I’m sorry”, then sends the request 2 more times during taxi.

I’d really love a chance to do some controlling on the advanced server. It’s driving me bonkers - I just don’t want to bother anymore.


Talk to @Tyler_Shelton or @IFFGDmitri they handle the advanced server ATC stuff,From what I understand you will have to pass a theory test and a practical test. But get in touch with either of tgem ^ and see what happens :smile:

They aren’t running the test at the moment.

Ok well theres not much you can do other than wait for the next round of applications :p

I think the application of penalties is somewhat off. There should be far more serious consequences for violating runway clearances than for say, exceeding 250 Kts under 10K or taxiing over 35 Kts. Runway collisions, severe aircraft manglement and death to all would be commonplace on the Playground servers the way it’s going right now. BTW, I’ve seen some pretty negligent tower work lately with all types of runway screw ups.

Runway incursions should earn the offender a TOP violations and those types of violations should make that behavior prohibitive in the future.


I can see that implementing a violation system for runways is problematic. You wouldn’t want all these junior Tower Controllers (or worse, trolls) giving you violations when it was they who screwed-up (again, this is frequent).

As a developer myself who focuses on mapping, you’d need to create some sort of special area depicting the active runway footprint and programmatically assign an aircraft to it - probably also with some sort of action code as well. For example, WTF757_27_TO for WTF757 assigned current take-off on Rwy 27. Tower would set the status of the runway (code would translate ATC communications) and any deviations would get warned then a violation. Or something like that.

Well the people in the playground server are either

  1. Not good enough to fly in the advanced server so therefore do not know what the hell to do
  2. Are everyday people that think flying is cool and have the sim for that reason (These people really bug me because they act like they know everything)

They probably don’t know or don’t care what the ATC says. Of course, there are exceptions but I wouldn’t count on getting much serious practice there.

Disclaimer: I do not fly IF Live but I can guess what Playground Server is like based on descriptions and the intended audience for the server.

Best, Boeing707

Actually the ratio of dufus to focused player is probably 50-50, based on my experience on the Playground server in the Southern California region. So it’s a good place to practice and there are more ATC controllers there most of the time. And it’s certainly the place for budding ATC controllers to get some practice under their belt. There needs to be a serious effort by the controller though, to make it enjoyable for others.

Runway incursions are the worst offense and should have some sort of penalty associated with that kind of offense and the pilot’s username. That might bring down the occurrences.


thats why its a playground…hehe

Right but we’ve been told “go practice your ATC skills on the playground server.” Much of the time no practice can be had.


I disagree,If there is not ATC on the adv server then I will go to the Playground server


I’ve been watching ATC development on the Playground since it began and I’ve watched the learning curve move up the scale rapidly. I for one appreciate the hard work and effort of those who volunteer there time and effort. I particularly like the fact that they persevere. Handling Iron is a skill few possess. Even in the real world bullies, dummies and even the rookie needs a slap on the wrist from time to time. Even a child understands a time out. Build in a “Send Them back to Parking” routine into the ATC menu, the slugs will get the word believe me… ( I rarely fly the advance… There are never enough nodes open. When it’s fully manned I’ll start flying it again. In the interim suggest that the Advance man up a single rotating Region with all nodes to include ATIS 5/5. Max Sends


@jasonrosewell - just post up that you wish to control and practice on the Playground server and you’d like some serious pilot customers.
There’s almost always someone ready to help.

Hi Jason, i subscribe to this topic. Then whole idea of multiplayer is that we try to simulate real-life working of flighing and guidance of airorts, right? But for the past months I have seen more and more pilots who ignore take-off guidance and choice of landing runway. On busy times it’s tricky enough to get all planes in and out correctly, and when pilots ignore instructions, the fun of it all disappears quickly.

From Tower I have been handing out a few ‘please follow instructions’ and ‘check Help Pages’, and sometimes that helps, but not often.

Any ideas anyone?

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this is so true…agreed…point taken

That’s what the disclaimer is for :)

From past XP, I’ve learned from similar situations like this so I added in that “there are exceptions” and added in a disclaimer.

Best, Boeing707

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Good thoughts from everyone. Thanks for chiming in.

I agree, it’s very frustrating and unfortunately only takes one person to either not understand or wilfully ignore instructions to spoil things for everyone else. It’s a rewarding feeling as a tower controller to have 3 or more aircraft nicely spaced in the pattern, all following commands and landing as instructed, but having someone blaze in from nowhere into the middle of it all and announce they suddenly want to land (or even just landing without bothering to contact the tower at all) disrupts the whole flow. It can make the controller look like a fool to everyone else and is very annoying for the controller him/herself who is putting in an effort to make everything work realistically. I must admit nowadays if one or two people decide they’ll just do whatever they want I simply stop controlling at that tower and look elsewhere without even bothering with the generic “tower is closed” message (apologies if I’ve done that to you !)
The selection process for ATCs on the advanced server definitely needs to be expedited, and by the way why pay $5 per month just to mess around and irritate others, get a lesser free flight sim and do whatever you want !


It is a fact! I am certainly not a professional but I am trying to become one. Unfortunately, it is not helpful for me when things get so. I try to stick to the rules and I have a hard time because I can not so good English. but I try as much as possible. However, it is of little help if there are too many users adhere not rules. Too bad. (I apologize for the bad English language)

It is frustrating when players done listen and it messes up the pattern that your trying to create but everyone’s learning on approach I just stay after people so they don’t mess up the pattern.