What's the trick in seeing your own violations number

Hi all, i hope i’m not opening a topic which was discussed many times already - i searched and could not find on this forum… So here I go…

After connecting to IF I can see in the top right corner of my screen my flight hours, my XP and my Standing. But it does not show my violations.

Why can I see everyone else’s violations, but not mine?

I understand violations are meant as a motivation to behave and not as a penalty, but I’m just interested to know if the program does not want to show us our own standing, of if there is a strick to finding it somewhere in a screen…


I suggest you take a look at www.liveflightapp.com

Load up your aircraft in IF, and then find it in LiveFlight - it’ll let you see a number of stats about you that you can’t see in Infinite Flight :).

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What was the rationale used to mask a full Players data set! Space does not appear an issue. Max Sends

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Yeah I’m kind of curious about that myself - I mean the Android app and LiveFlight are great to have, but seems odd to need an external app just so you can view your own stats. I doubt screen geography is a big issue, since there’s a specific ‘profile’ page with plenty of space for a few extra fields.

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@a_gudimenko @Maxmustang yes same here as well…been thinking about that…but just left it as it is

@Swang007. Sean, this one deserves an ansewer! Got one?

The devs released Infinite Flight’s API, allowing other programmers such as @ValXp and @carmalonso to make other apps (or in this case, a website) using Infinite Flight’s data. Such data includes everything from a detailed list of a user’s statistics to which ATC is controlling what frequency at what airport.

@Swang007 Got it! Xcept the basic question why is’nt a full data set to include violations displayed in the User block in the upper right hand corner of the home screen?

Yeah; that hasn’t been really answered.

Unless you mean to say that “this functionality has been covered by other devs who have time to do this, so the API was exposed to enable apps that cover flight paths and user stats in a user-friendly format”. Lol.

The existence of the Android tracker and LiveFlight hasn’t been a secret for a while, otherwise…

Simply because the devs didn’t do it. They released a bunch of data for others to make other apps and websites, they just didn’t put the stats in their own app. I don’t know why, but if there are other apps and websites that do the same thing (and even better since that’s the only thing they’re designed to do) then I’m happy with it.

Max, I don’t know what a full players data set is, sorry.
Does this relate to my topic?


By a full player’s data set, he refers to being able to see all your stats (data set as in “set of information”) :).

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