What's the stupidest thing you've done in Infinite Flight

Youre not the only one, I racked up 100 violations in my first couple of months.


I was still Grade 2 and needed to do 2 more landings to be Grade 3. I was sooo excited ! So I went to a random airport, did one touch and go with a fighter. When I was airborne again, I tought: “Let’s finish Grade 2 in beauty…”. I did a biiiiiig looping.
Result: Violation for aerobatics in an airspace. - > I had to wait one week until I could be Grade 3.


Flying over 250 knots below 10,000 feet


Yep, I saw it 😂😂


Flown a transatlantic out of JFK and fall asleep before I turned east. I woke up and I was near the North Pole


Kinda the same situation… I was in the middle of a csgo match and was also descending into KLAX and I set my speed to 220 but my plane didn’t slow down and I ended up getting 5 violations


only 5? get on my level :joy:

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Forgetting to tune into ground and request taxi to parking after landing a 13hr flight. Got reported for it too :/


It’s so fun to do that. But only on solo mode.

For me, it was probably falling asleep while controlling on expert. It was “great fun” waking up and realizing I screwed up big time 😅


But mine are great. A heavy crosswind and I overcorrected for the rudder, initiated a go around and the plane entered a flat spin and I crashed and burned with everyone watching (at a busy airport), I got a violation for performing stunts in airport airspace. Also a TON of times where I landed with spoilers in flight mode and before pushback turning on all of my engines and lights.


So, I’m going to be 100% I’ve done 2 really stupid things in my early days of flying, the first one was I didn’t slow down enough and slid off the runway at LAX into the ocean, the second time was I didn’t enter my altitude in correct and hit the mountains North East of LAX while departing


Landing to Denver considering the altitude was 400 feet instead of 5400 ft. I had missed the 5. Need glasses.
I was in solo so I went back 20 seconds and saved my flight by miracle


I was once doing a long haul that I had let run over night, I believe it was EGLL - KDFW. Anyways I had about 10 minutes left of the flight left everything was looking good. Smooth speed, little wind, I was setup for the perfect landing. I continued to make my descent to 2500 ft MSL. 10,000 ft AGL,
6000 ft AGL, 4000 ft AGL, 2500 ft AGL, I wasn’t paying attention to the ground level metre, I was paying attention to sea level metre… 1500 AGL… I guess I didn’t hear the call outs, it was around 500 ft AGL that I heard the fallout realized that I was way too close to the ground. It then clicked that I had been paying attention to the wrong altitude metre I panicked and tried to disable auto pilot, but I was descending at approximately 2000 fpm so by the time I maxed the throttle and attempted to pull up, it was too late. I crashed smack down in Dallas about 5 minutes from touchdown. Had to start the whole 12 hour flight or whatever it was from the beginning… It was that day I realized you should always check the altitude of the airport, pay attention to your AGL metre and also descend a lot more steadier…


I was pretty new to IF and just got onto training server. I wanted to do a flight from EGLL-KJFK. I didn’t really know about fuel not being accurate for the first few hours of a medium to long haul flight, so I decided that I was going to land on water to refuel. I ended up getting 4 violations for that one.
(I didn’t know you could only do that with brakes set at an airport)


I forgot to clear @Mark_Denton for takeoff on expert. Stupid and embarrassing.


Holy crap what happens afterwards? Like what was the result?


It was only a week suspension. Nevertheless, it was still incredibly embarrassing (someone actually made a topic complaining that NZAA was “unattended”) and to this day people still refer to me 🤷🏼‍♂️

Lesson learned tho, and it hasn’t happened since.


So I was doing a flight from west coast to east coast in a C-130j, bored out my mind I decided to do a barrel roll because why not, except I forgot I was on expert. So I went in and did a barrel roll and lost control plummeted down passed 10,000ft going way overspeed. Needless to say, I was demoted to grade 2 for a week. Best advice check the server before doing something ‘exciting’.