What's the scariest flight you've been on?

OMG how could I forget this incident!
Ok, so it was a night time departure from Hong Kong on a Cathay Pacific 744. We taxied to the runway, the lights were dimmed and it was pretty dark. The engines spooled up and we roared down the runway. It was all normal, but me and a couple passengers noticed that one of the overhead bins was rattling singnificantly more than the rest. Passenger sitting right underneath it was a bit tense…I don’t think he would fancy a suitcase falling on him. Thankfully that didn’t happen…but the bin still popped open.
A medium sized suitcase tumbled down, hit the armrest of the seat underneath, and fell on the ground with a really loud THUD. Two passengers quickly unbuckled, got up, and holding tightly to the seats around as the plane was shuddering and shaking as it had just lifted and the gear was going up, etc, they were able to close the bin. Of course, the fallen suitcase wasn’t pit back up until we we’re cruising. Overall, that was weird and frightening, and while it may not sound too bad while reading, the whole loud rattling and huge thump was a bit scary lol.

And thank goodness it wasn’t me who closed the bin. Knowing myself, I would try to put the suitcase back in that moment, probably resulting in me losing balance and rolling down the aisle like a ball…


I was on a Flight home from Majorca we were cruising about 27,000 feet (that’s a guess) In a Flybe Dash 8 Q400 and everything was fine until we hit some turbulence and the wings were flapping up and down about 1 meter each way and I literally thought we were gonna crash (about 6 at the time) and started crying everyone else was screaming luckily no one was injured but I wont forget it.

Ethiopian Airlines 767?(dont remember) everything was good until right before takeoff when the captain messaged everyone there were something wrong with the engine so we had to go back to the gate wait. But it was all good later when they fixed the issue.

I haven’t had any particularly “scary” flights that I can remembe, maybe a skectchy Lansing or two but what I don’t like is when people fall ill or have some kind of medical problem on a flight. Such a helpless feeling.

moderate turbulence going home to EWR from MROC on a United 737-800 me and other pax were scared

Dropped a few hundred feet while descending into Napier through bad turbulence, not the best experience

We were cleared for take off and started rolling but aircraft did not allow to exceed certain speed because THE DOOR WAS NOT CLOSED! We were then used to wait in the airport for 6 hours ish before they have checked the aircraft. It was quite scary to fly on it afterwards. Airline: Belavia

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My most scary experience was on a flight from NZWN - NZAA a hectic flight. It was a horrible day windy gale force raining. I saw mantiance crew enter the cockpit before the flight. As we pushed back we stopped as pilots said there was mechanical issue and this loud repetitive noise. After 30 minutes we continued that loud noise still there. Usually at NZWN you taxi to end of runway but something was blocking taxiway so we backtaxied. As we took off the noise was still loud and repetitive at around 400 feet I heard the engines spool up massively and the pilot pulling up just after that there was a massive fall people making noise which was uncommon on a wellingtion commuter flight as high winds are common. The rest of the flight was bumpy. As we descended that noise came back again but we landed safely :)

I was on a flight from KIAH-KPHX on US Airlines, and lucky us, there was a monsoon over Phoenix. I threw up (this was when I was young) from the unstable condition making me sick. Eventually we went to Tucson and connected from there to phoenix😑

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airBaltic flight back in 2013. 737-300. Worst tubulence. Plane fell a couple hundred. The plane literally felt like it was gonna pull an Aloha Airlines on us. That is how bad it felt.

Landing in Hondouras was scary for me, it was also pretty rainy with about 23Knot Winds. It was also a hard landing (I was 8)

3-4 hours into the flight, there were so much turbulence, I stood up on my seat until it died down a little. This was ona Hawaiian Airlines Flight

Mine personally was on my first international flight from Los Angeles to Beijing. But it didn’t happen on the way there, it happened on the way back, when we hit severe turbulence, and people were hitting the ceiling, even the food cart went up a few inches!

Hong Kong airlines ZSPD - VHHH (Shanghai - Hong Kong) worst flight ever. So scary, turbulence was bad. Pilot kept making circles around Hong Kong without an announcement and almost crash landed on the river before the runway in Hong Kong due to terrible winds and most likely an inexperienced pilot.

Probably Alitalia from Rome to Boston, we hit an air pockets as we came in for landing and it felt like we fell for 1000 ft

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