What's the scariest flight you've been on?

Scariest was probably my F9 flight landing where we hit the runway so hard we bounced and came back down again and the whole airplane was shuddering and the aircraft was drifting from the right of the runway of the left of the runway and afterward, the smell of fuel and overheated breaks prevailed throughout the cabin.

Another time was my Spirit flight out of Denver. We reached about 4 thousand feet AGL and started having horrible turbulence. The plane kept dropping a few inches suddenly and jolting everyone side to side. It made me a little fearful because it was bad and went on for about ten minutes.


My scariest was when all my closest family were on a flight from KDEN to MMUN with Southwest. After takeoff the plane’s left engine sputtered and failed. We dropped around 500 feet. Everyone started to exclaim and yell but after a few seconds, the engine restarted and we continued on.

Another scary flight was on a CRJ leaving Aspen (KASE) for Denver. Right after takeoff, we hit some severe mountain waves and the plane was dropping and rising. This continued the majority of the flight while my mom was grabbing my hand and saying “Omg we are going to die!” That was pretty annoying.

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I was on a Southwest flight from Houston to Nashville, and we had some pretty bad turbulence and low visibility+rain. We got rocked by gusts a few feet from the ground and floated for a while before touching down hard in Tennessee.

When flying into KDAL on a Virgin America A319 after a vacation down in LA, at about 20,000 feet the pilot turned off all of the A/P system. That means the heading, VS, Altitude, and speed were dependent on the throttle, yoke, and rudder for nearly 20 minutes as we got stuck in a holding pattern for some reason, even though KDAL seems to be way less busier then KDFW. It was VERY scary! We were jolting back and forth and every time he increased the power, we were all thrown back, (not violently but enough to know what he was doing). Not to mention he kept turning the speed brake on and off. TBH, I was surprised he even got his PPL. That sounds crazy of me to say, but VX872 on August 8 was one I will never forget. Oh, just to top it off, the second the forward door was opened, technicians immediately walked in to the cockpit…


A “rogue gusting crosswind” landing at EGEL in a 208…might I ask why would you ever attempt that…😂😂

Hahaha, good question. Not me, I promise. I just took a ride with a local pilot.


I hope you trusted/still trust him…

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My uncle was on a flight to big bear in a crj when they tried to land in a 30 knot wind, of course they had to abort and fly back, but it must’ve been scary to attempt to land.

Note: He knows very little about aviation, so if anything seems off then that’s why.

A few months back we flew KDEN-KHOU in a Southwest 733. We were quite literally one of the last flights to land in Houston before Hurricane Harvey. It was raining, windy, and had a low cloud ceiling.

Do self-flown flights count?

I was flying to Aspen at night in my jet with a 35 knot crosswind. Being me, I flew visual and was the scariest thing I’ve done! Also the most yoke movements I’ve made in a second.

So I DO NOT LIKE FLYING!Sometimes I’m very scared but a few months ago I was on a Allegiant Air md 80 we are parked at the gate after landing from konxville (TYS) and we are at Orlando Sanford (SFB) and we are just sitting there for so long and i was getting very stressed and scared and people are saying Allegiant is crap and first of all I do not like people saying stuff about my airline secondhand I’m getting more stressed out AND THEN ALL THE SUDDEN the engine sounds like it’s going to have so major problems and also sounds like it was going to explode so I got MORE scared “plus the plane was like 30 years old so yeah we got off then got me a model plane that was ALLEGIANT since it was Orlando Sanford a hub of allegiant then went home so yep that’s it hoped you liked it!

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I was in a Delta A332 flying Frankfurt-Detroit earlier this summer, and we hit some wicked turbulence upon descent. The wing was flapping all over the place, and we all know that the A330 doesn’t have a significant about of wing flex. One passenger got injured because of this, and they had to call paramedics upon landing. We sat in the plane for about 30 minutes for this.

Yeah…engines on the MD series scare me too…one reason why they should convince you to sit in seat 1A ;)

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“Hey guess what?”
“I have a bomb”
“Jk lol”


Yeah I was also in the very back I think it was 2 more rows from the lav and galley and it was crazy on take off but I did not get my ears did not get messed up!

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I don’t know. Anything with a creaking seat, or creaking wing, or a bouncy landing qualifies for that.

I had a flight from Kuala Lumpur to London the day after MH17 was shot down over Ukraine. And I was in a Malaysian Airlines A380 with my family, and I could not sleep that whole flight. I love going on long haul flights, but that one… It was a tense flight.

ATL-JNB, we had turbulence where the plane suddenly dropped about 300 feet and rocked back and forth with some more drops of around 100 feet for about 15 minutes. I was nervous at first but then realized there was nothing I could do so I just enjoyed the ride. It was then I got over my slight fear of turbulence.


Had an AirOne flight (Bombardier CRJ900) from CAG to FCO in a thunderstorm at 10 PM, it was pitch black outside and pouring so hard you couldn’t even see the runway, about 20 ft above the ground a wind gust tilted the plane about 20 degrees to the left so hard i thought we touched the runway when the captain immediately gave full thrust and initiated a go around. 2nd and 3rd approach were the same, but there were no alternate airports in range due to fuel issues, so on the 4th approach he brought her down as smooth as a feather, when we were taxiing I saw that the runway was flooded for about 20cm due to heavy rain, never saw anything like it. Had to wait for 2 hours for my connection flight to Vienna (and for better weather) and treated myself to two fine glasses of Valpolicella, one for me and one for my nerves :)


About 1 and a half months ago, I flew on a czech airlines flight from LKPR to LIPE, but as we were approaching the alps over Bavaria an announcement was made, where it was explained that due to “technical problems” we had to return to Prague, (we were about at the half of the route). Once landed we were boarded on another plane, however, considering we had about 2 hours delay for the first boarding and that we arrived at LIPE with 3 hours delay, it was one of the most “interesting” flights I have ever been on.
The good thing of these 3 hours delay was the refund.

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