What's the scariest flight you've been on?

I was on a nokair flight from SGN - BKK, shortly after takeoff an announcement was made in the traditional Thai airhostess manner (very loud!!).

I looked around and saw some panicked expressions, they made the announcement again in English and announced we had to turnback to SGN as an error had developed in one of the engines.

I still dont understand what the problem was, but thankfully we landed safely and the airport staff were very helpful, same cant be said for the airline…

Charlotte to Newark I heard an alarming the cockpit the entire flight (this was before I loved aviation)

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Faulty fire alarm? That’s dangerous

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The pilot didn’t say anything earthier

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So I assumed that it was ok

Not really scary, but flying back FLL-ISP a few months ago. Full flight as usual. As we began the descent from FL 410 we hit some pretty strong turbulence, I got pain in my ears and I was unfortunately sitting near some screaming toddlers. When we landed, it was VERY foggy and pilot came in fast and high. I wasn’t able to even make out building/surburban lights below me until about 200 feet AGL. We flew over Vets Highway on final for runway 6 and then the lights finally come into view, and I notice we’re a bit high and going pretty fast. About 5 seconds later the pilot SLAMS the plane down on the runway with a full-throttle reverse, and we exited the runway all the way at the opposite end.


Landing at Schipol in a storm. My sister thought we were gonna crash! It was fun, but really pushed fun to its limits!

The scariest flight I’ve been on was when I went on vactation to Florida and on my way back we were decending into CVG and the plane dropped like 3 feet and coke went flying into the air and hit my sisters brand new shoes and the overhead bin and all over the floor

Just happened a few days ago. We were cruising smoothly at 37000 feet, when all of a sudden the plane started violently shaking and pitching. I was not concerned, it was just some rough turbulance, but everyone else on the plane were screaming and such…


a similar thing happened to a friend of mine, it made the news where i live. Jet2 (which is based at my local airport EGNM) have had a few situations recently where planes start violently shaking then suddenly descendng

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I haven’t had any really crazy flights or anything. I had a hard landing at Fort. Lauderdale once, we bounced slammed back down and slammed on the brakes.

JetBlue front landing gear failure flight- scariest thing I’ve witnessed besides a shark attack (I was not in this flight) just saying it was scary to watch

Sure… Pic or it didn’t happen.

I wasn’t trying to imply I was on it- I was just saying it was the scariest thing I’ve witnessed - I’ll edit my previous comment so it is more clear

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Short 20min hop flight down in Australia. From my local airport YMRY to YMER. We were on a Saab 340B operated by Regional Express (REX) Airlines.
Everything was going so well until landing. We came in, just a little fast but we touchdown in the recommended zone, then all of a sudden (I don’t know maybe a gust) the plane slid out pretty much almost off the runway.
I was excited, thinking we were going to end up in the grass off the runway, and live to tell the tale (unfortunately I died). We managed to get back on centreline and park in to the gate alright. I really want to know what really happened. Here’s a video of the trip, skip to halfway to view the landing video:


Flying into Denver from EGE to see a just born cousin. As we descended over the mountains we hit huge downdrafts in our falcon 50EX was getting tossed and turned probaly the worst flight I have had.

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The one where @N1RG is being Pilot in command 😂


I’m 2011, flying a World Airways MD-11 from Baltimore to Ramstein in Germany. A failure of the #2 engine sparked an emergency landing in Paris. I always wanted to go there, but just not in that way.

Also, did you know, that today, it was announced that World Airways would launch again as a long haul LCC out of LA with Dreamliners?

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KSEA-KDEN I was listening to my music and then out of the blue I decide to look out my window and then a 747 is flying 50 feet above us about to collide with us

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When I was on a 747 a few months ago, we (I think) hit some strong wake turbulence on our ascent. It shook the plane violently and I absolutely loved it. It wasn’t very scary (at least for me), but if I were to choose the scariest flight, it’d be that one.