What's the scariest flight you've been on?

Me personally? I don’t know.😕
But I wanna know, what was your scariest flight!


Isn’t this almost identical to this?


KLAX-EGLL where the lights went out we hit turbulence very badly food went flying the overhead bin opened and my dad was injured when a carryon fell on his head

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That hasn’t had a reply for almost two years…


The topic is still open though?

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Descending into Charlotte, US Airways A321, Night time, ceilings approximately 500’ AGL. Came out of the clouds and hit the runway hard and bounced twice. I thought we were going to over run the runway.

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Landing at EGEL in a 208. Not used to flying in smaller planes when we had to perform a go-around due to a rogue gusting crosswind. Quite an experience. Safe to say, I’ve never been in a 208 again.


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Was flying into NZAA on a ATR72 and we we’re coming in over the ocean and we had the gear put down, but when it came down something went wrong so we rolled and ended up on the grass after clipping another plane, no major injurys


NADI - LAX (Air Pacific 747-400ER)


When the pilots got permission to do a immediate takeoff they really pushed the 747 to it’s limits. They had the fastest turn at about 20 KNTS (Ground speed) took off and had a quick turn as well.

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Hmm… How about this. My first ever flight in a C172, we were on final at KAPA and my instructor says, “You have the airplane.”


I haven’t had any scary flight, but something that I wasn’t specting, we were clear for takeoff at SJU on an American Airlines a330, and the pilot was entering the rwy and spooling up at the same time. He took that turn very fast, It was a weird feeling.

But how is that scary?

Scariest? Probably when I was on a Flyglobespan 737 back in 2008 I think. One of the passengers said he had a bomb as a joke. Not something to joke about. Spanish police searched the plane and found nothing. He was removed from the plane. What a knob.


It was sorta of a joke, cause I haven’t had a scariest flight. But I’ll edited.

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