Whats the safest commercial airliner in the world (Quiz!)

A. Boeing 777

B. Boeing 757

C. Boeing 737

D. Airbus A320 & A319

E. Boeing 767

F. Airbus A330

777 has the best saftey record


Well, if you think about it, the A340-600 has never had an accident. At least, that’s what I’m aware of…


This is a tough question…

The answer could depend on what metric you are using.

If fatalities onboard, regardless of what happened, was a factor, then some aircraft would get ruled out. If you’re comparing deaths per 100,000 mi. traveled by thr aircraft, that is different than counting the total # of deaths and comparing them.

Overall, A340, A350; 787, 777 are very safe.

737 is very safe when looking at pax to mi.

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That’s definitely my answer. Never had a single fatal accident until 2013, that makes it 19 years without a single fatality. Asiana Airlines 214 was the first fatal accident, and hopefully MH17 was the last.

An Etihad A346 had an accident, it wasn’t fatal but it did get written off as it crashed into a wall.

What about mh370?Also I know it’s not on the lost but the a380 has had one accident but it did not crash it landed safely

MH370 was before MH17.

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I’m going for the Airbus A340-600.

Yes. Qantas flight 32 from London to Sydney, via Singapore.

Yes that’s the one can’t quite remember how but the wing got punctured

A380 is the safest plane flying

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And the A340-600

The exploding engine caused debris to shoot out, and thus the sharp debris punctures the wing.

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May I also point this out that the 777 has had a fatal crash in the past but the A380 hasn’t had a single fatal crash in 10 years… Also I don’t think that the A340-600 has had a fatal crash before

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The Airbus A318 has never crashed.

That’s awesome :) but has the A318 had engine failure or something?