What's the route that you have been flying the most and why?

Since the topic about What Is The Route you fly the most in IF? was closed and also was before global.

This topic is to share what is the route that you have been flying the most since global came out and why?

Mines is from KLAS to KLAX

I fly this the most because of the distance and scenery of the desert. I could do other short haul flights but I don’t see one as good as the route above. Also, I do this one the most because when I’m at school, I can just take off the plane, do my work in class, and land it at the end. Which takes me a whole class period to do the flight.

(Now before we begin, I would like to tell you that this is not related to Favorite Flight to Fly in Global since we aren’t discussing about favorite routes)

And if this is a duplicate feel free to close it since I found nothing (other than the post linked at the top of this topic) related to this.


Wait isn’t route a flight what?

Basically same as this different but only slightly I think.

I haven’t flown the same route twice, except for YSSY-KLAX which I did for an event.


Wow I’ve flown 1 route 10 times +

EHAM to KLAX it is Nice en long! And hard weather the most times!

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YSSY-PHNL. That’s my flight I do most, (it’s the perfect time for leaving my device on overnight)

If not that, Pattern Work at YMRY. (I know it’s not a route but…)

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I’ve been doing mostly New Zealand Domestic, no real set route. But there is a really short one which is Hayward - Oakland airports, short minute hop

Yeah but there are people who do more other flights than their favorite ones doe to time such as me for example:
My favorite route is from KATL to MSLP but I only get the chance to do this throughout the weekends because I have no room in my schedule to do this from Mon-Fri. So the flight that I have to do the most is the one I mentioned above.

For sure KJFK to KFLL! Very great fly and it take only about 2h45 minutes!

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EGCC-OMDB, well… I’ve done it so many times IRL so why not do the same one IF.

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Cool I’ve only tried once with the Jetblue a320

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It’s very fun to fly and you have a nice view on the beach!👍

Oh yeah and I’ve also seen it in real life when I go from Atlanta, GA.

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Yeah that’s nice but me i am from Montréal so i do CYUL-KFLL or KPBG-KFLL!

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I don’t know why but I do KJFK or KLAX to OMDB

Lol its alright since I already did 10 flights from KLAX to OMDB.

Lol same…

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KSAN-KPHX, KPHX-KCOS, KLAS-KDEN, KDEN-MMPR… I’ve done all these multiple times.

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LAX-BNE or BNE-LAX I have done this many times and the approach and departure out of BNE is wonderfull. I also only do this flight when I am doing an overnight flight because I don’t have to worry about missing the scenery because I am just over the ocean!

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