What's the rarest plane you've seen at your local airport?

Legacy 500 at Cardiff Airport doing touch and goes and go arounds

HKJK Nairobi

Etihad A330-200
Qatar 777-200LR
Turkish 777-300ER
Swiss A340-300
Volga dnepr AN124

Gulfstream V
Dassault falcon 7X
Bombardier Global 6000


Royal Dutch AF KDC-10
Royal Dutch AF F18
Etihad 787-9

Qantas 747-400
KLM 747-400
KLM 777-200ER

Air China 777
British Airways 380

Both diversions from London

Any one guess which airport they diverted to??

Probably the Austrian 767 in Tirana

At CWL years ago there was an A380 demonstration taking place. There’s also a maintainance hangar for BA 747s and 777s which is pretty cool, given that the largest plane to operate a route out of there is an A320 (I think occasionally there are also A321s but not very often at all).


I once saw a Windrose A321 at SZG. Really rare sight, you can only spot them a few times during the winter season at Salzburg…

I saw IL76 while I was flying in cyprus. Got a chance to see the cockpit and the glassed area underneath which I imagine would be the most amazing view in the aircraft

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Probably the Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation or the Antonov An-225. :)

The Singapore Airlines A359

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Antonov An-124 at Newquay Cornwall Airport

Beluga A300-600ST while visiting filton in bristol

National Airlines 757-200

Boeing DreamLifter at FLL

He meant a sea plane.

The rarest thing I’ve seen at my local airport, KDAN, is a DHC-6 Twin Otter.

Oh ok…? That’s nice.

One of these


B747-400 they’re rare at my local airport, most of the time if the B747 is at my airport it’ll be in the Virgin Atlantic livery (One livery that needs to be on the B747 in infinite flight) but the rarest plane that I never see at my airport is an A380 mainly because the airport doesn’t support A380’s and doesn’t really need to, (Glasgow airport, EGPF) it’s not a major airport is just a medium sized international airport.

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CS100 doing touch and goes at KSLN and KC-135 and other military stuff

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