What's the rarest plane you've seen at your local airport?

Carvair, in Gainesville, Texas

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For me being underneath the approach for both sydney airport and Richmond airbase i don’t see many rare aircraft the two rare aircraft I have seen are the DC-10 tanker and the Boeing house colours 787 when it came to Sydney. I have also seen both the RAAF wedgetail and RAAF BBJ when I was at Adelaide and once a RAAF A330 flew over my house

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Unless you consider the occasional 757 that comes in to LGA :)

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BA 747
EK A380
QR 787
QR A350
Saudia 77W
9W A330
AI A319
LH and KLM A330
UA 747 (charter I believe)


Where I live, KBDL sees a ton of transatlantic diversions for everyone from JFK who ends up diverting before making it down there… notable aircraft include an EK A380, LX, AY, and DL A330s, DL and LY 744s (I think a UA 772 popped by as well). I also recall some aircraft coming here during Yellow Ribbon, but I’m not entirely sure what they were. I know that AN124s come frequently because Pratt+Whitney/UTC Aerospace has business in Hartford, but they’re always late at night.


do u mean the Cathay cargo 747

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I have seen these aircraft at KMIA

-Air France A320
-Air Force One
-UH-60 Black hawk
-Kalitta Air 747-200, very loud aircraft.
-TUIfly 737. Dont know which variant or why they were here.

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The B-17G Bomber “Aluminum Overcast” at KZZV (Zanesville municipal airport)


Nope, I meant the regular Cathay Pacific 747. It came to CGK several times before it gets retired

Cathay Pacific Cargo 747 is a common aircraft to be spotted in CGK though.

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That regular one were retired last year , its history now


If you can call an a380 at KSFO rare, then we’ll, that’s the rarest I’ve seen.

British Airways… Not that common at SJC

A380s at SFO are not rare.

If you arrive at SFO or my sporting place at a certain time you’ll be able to spot couple of early arrivals from Emirates.

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I’ve flown on the sun country 738

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Antonov 225 Myria. Its was amazing

I did see a Beluga but that wasn’t even near my local airport

Atlas 747
Air Force One

At one point my airport once had a diverted Lufthansa aircraft. I personally never saw it.

C130. It was crazy! Escpecially for my local airport.

I know the AF A320 flies from Miami to French/ex-French Caribbean destinations (ex. Port-au-Prince, Cayenne, etc.), but I’m not so sure about the TUIfly. Maybe it was one of the Miami Air International 737s leased from TUI without changing paint schemes?

SOFIA perhaps, even though she comes once a year or so.