What's the problem? You can't log on to Google

Could you please see what the problem is? Use the Google account to not login.

Are you trying to log into Infinte flight?

Are you connected to the wifi, I get that problem when I am not on wifi.

Yes, I’m trying to log on to the Internet game

If you haven’t already, try refreshing the app, try restarting your device and maybe even try deleting the game then redownloading it again.

yes. I’m using wifi. Try a lot of VPN. And tried to turn off wifi. But it didn’t work out

I have tried these methods, but they have not succeeded.

have you deleted and reinstalled?

How about contacting google support?

yes. Reinstalled twice. But there are problems.

I don’t know exactly what happened, but it was still available a month ago.

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I’d like to ask you to check 2 things.
#1: Please turn off Developer options in your device if you have them turned on
#2: Make sure cookies is Enabled in your browser settings.

Best regards, Sebastian


Hello!I’m using an apple phone. Do you think the developer option is jailbreak?

How could i not see that? Embarrassing…

Check cookies in Safari, but yes… jailbreak could definitely cause this and is not recommended with Infinite Flight

It’s a sad thing… It looks like I said goodbye to infinite flight…

Sad to hear!
It’s unfortunately one of the downsides with having your device jailbreaked. Almost no apps support it and there might unforeseen consequences.