What's the point with Pausing?

So someone please help me out.
So what’s the point or reason for the pause option if your flight can still crash and/or cause a violation?

Paused my flight for 60 seconds and came back to a crash and violation. Another 7 days of losing my cat 5 status.

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You cannot “pause” when you are live. The pause menu / screen let’s you change certain aspects of your flight, as well as alter your settings. :) You don’t “pause” on live, which is pretty obvious since… Well… Yeah


Assuming you weren’t in a commercial jet or have auto pilot turned on, I can see how this would happen. But I don’t know of any online games (whether it be mobile, console, or PC) where you can pause a game and it actually be paused.

To change weight time etc. It actually pauses the game if you pause then sleep your device

And this should go on #live , but I just lost my regular status weeping :(


Tough luck, its happened to many of us, Pause only works when in solo mode. Blue Skies!

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To Calibrate, change fuel, end the game


It is not really a “pause” button. It is more meant to take you to the menu where you can change settings calibrate etc. You cannot pause while on multiplayer, it just would not make any sense. But on single player, you can pause.


i believe u can pause in sc II

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