Whats the point of "maintain present speed"?

i mean, im just casually cruising along at FL360 and mach 0.83 whilst contacted to center atc and i get a message from atc telling me that i need to maintain present speed. now i dont have any issue with that because i was 100nm of my tod but like “why” lol. i wasnt even thinking about adjusting my speed because im in the middle of my cruise. again i dont really care but i was just wondering

Just in case you were thinking about it. Maybe there was an aircraft who was in front of you, going the exact same speed. The controller just wanted to make sure, most likely.

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I guess it’s just a way of having everything under control…

fair enough

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sure but im no where near a busy airport

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Is it it TRS or ES?

what does that mean?

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Training Server or Expert Server

oh, expert server

You can look at your replay and contact the controller if you really want an answer but it seems like it’s not a massive issue

i was just wondering but its not like im desperate for an answer :)

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Lol :) (text limit)

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