What's the point in an extended threshold?

Is it more space for aircraft to take off from? What is the point if one?

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You can read about the displaced threshold here on Wikipedia:


Mainly it is to give landing aircraft obstruction clearance while still allowing a long runway for departures.


Okay, thanks!

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For example, SAN has one because there is a parking garage in front of runway 27.


Can planes be told to line up and wait on the displaced treshold while other plane is landing?

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No. You only a can have one plane on the runway at all times unless it is being used as a taxiway.


Okay, thanks for all the help everyone!

I was wondering as sometimes it happens to me when on final that someone is cleared by ATC to line up and wait… I was never sure whether this is reason to go around or not.

I would go around.

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