What's the oldest jet you've spotted?

I fororgot about this gem from several years ago. This was at the airport in Porto Alegre Brasil. 727 cargo conversion. IMG_9738


An L1011 Tristar at KVCV. And many others possibly older but I don’t know.


Air Force one at GSO (Piedmont triad international airport).

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There’s a Jet Provost inside RAF Linton-on-Ouse that I see quite a bit - I’ll take a picture (when a Warrant Officer isn’t watching haha) next time I’m there.

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I remember seeing a Fedex 727 at JFK. I think it belongs to the Aviation High School.

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A Boeing 707 near germany/netherlands

Saw Kalitta Air 747-200 at KMIA. Just find out there all retired now.

The 747-400 are the oldest I saw at KLAX back in 2008. Never saw an MD-11, or maybe I did but I didn’t remember.

There are two 727s at Denver International Airport that sit near concourse C. One of them only has one engine.

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Probably a DC-8 or a 707.

Saw an amerijet 727 take off over my house yesterday, those engines made it sound like a rocket. Also saw a 707 couple weeks back.

My dad said he once flew on a 727 once and he sat towards the back. He said it was extremely loud and he had a little trouble hearing his brother.

My dad flew on a Finn Air md-11 many years ago. The first tri-jet that he had ever flown on.

N732S, a Sierra Pacific 737-200. Saw it at KMDT this summer.

F-86 at Airventure this July.


A 1953 Convair 640 at KLEX

747-300 and 737-400 (both not that old), don’t have the photos though.

Dc 3, Aer Lingus, at an airshow in bray, Ireland, also spitfire(also at the airshow).

Zero G 727 flying over Portland! Have a single photo that i will post later

Oldest one I have a picture of is the B-29 “Fifi” 837B7D12-7B9A-45E2-A824-1EE5705D5C18