What's the most embarrassing/funny thing that happened to you on a flight?

Hello, guys! I recently remembered some funny stuff that have happened to me on flights, so I thought I’d ask you what is the most funny/embarrassing thing that happened to you on a flight?

I’ll start off myself. So on one of the flights I did from Sofia to Eindhoven with a Wizzair A320, we were waiting in a queue for a person at the front to check our boarding passes. The time comes for my boarding pass to be checked. After it’s approved, the person tells me: Have a nice flight! And I replied with: Yeah, you too!

After going outside to get on the bus which would get me to my plane, I realize what I’ve said and start laughing really hard.

So, what’s the funniest/most embarrassing thing that happened to you on a flight? If you do not feel comfortable sharing, you aren’t forced to :).


Lol. I once said the same thing in another situation, when a delivery driver said, “enjoy your meal”, I said “thank you, you too”

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I was flying back home from vegas, and i decided to have a cheese platter. i pulled the cracker bag a bit to hard and it exploded causing crackers to fly everywhere


This is a bit of a long one but when I was 10 in 2013 we flew US Airways in an a333 from Athens to Philadelphia (We were visiting the US and before this we flew to Athens). It was a regular flight until we reached cruise altitude and the people in front of us seemed a bit odd to be honest. They were a Greek-American family coming home after visiting some family in Greece. Basically, the mom started some conversation with my mom about this and then the husband comes out of the bathroom looking intoxicated slurring his speech and greets us before sitting down. Around 10 minutes later their 3 year old kid starts crying and there was an empty seat next to me. The mom of the kid told the kid to sit next to me in the empty seat and it was at this moment that I realised that the rest of the flight would be hell. For the remaining 9 hours of the flight I had to entertain their kid through drawing with him, playing with toys, and watching tv. Whilst this was happening, the flight attendants had to have a discussion with his father on why he shouldn’t be getting drunk on a transatlantic flight. My mom was trying to be kind having small talk with the kid’s mom. Eventually we landed in Philadelphia and the mother of the kid gave me 50 U.S. Dollars for basically baby sitting their kid. Thanks for listening and this was definitely one of my most memorable flights.


Oh man, that was one unpleasant long haul. So sorry you had to deal with it the whole 9 hours, that must’ve been really annoying.

It definitely was, but for a 10 year old boy the 50 dollars at the end made me smile. It also was special because this was the first and last time I would ever fly this airline. RIP US Airways


RIP US Airways. You made some good money for the babysitting :D. Less than minimum wage though :/

I got in trouble when I am a 5 year old when I am riding an Airbus A320 with my parents and when a flight attendant passed I literally asked her, “When will this plane will crash?” After landing and arriving into our home I got spanked furiously


Seems like you’ve watched too much Air Crash Investigation too early it :D

Edit: Looks like I really can’t keep track of my thoughts today

Can’t hurt to get some extra money though, right? 😂


Yeah, When I see my dad watching it I watched it too 😂

But If I was him, I would rejected that 50$ for a 9 hours of hell.

Really? Faaam I would’ve liked money over hell

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Once I was little 8-9 years old and I got food poisoned in Mexico. We got on-board the airplane to go back home then it starts to hit me hard. We pushback then I flight attendant said “we can’t have you on-board for safety” We had to re-enter the ramp open the cargo hold for our baggage which delayed the flight about 1h or 2h which was pretty embarrassing.

I was flying back from Adelaide and I had some unopened cans of cider I’d brought over about 5 days earlier. Anyway I put them in my cabin backpack as I left Sydney and hadn’t touched them in days, just before I boarded I found a hole in one of them, the tin had given way. It was dripping all down my leg and I had no time to clean myself. I boarded the flight, smelling of booze. Didn’t help that I was sitting in an exit row so the guy sitting next to me probably thought a drunk alcoholic was in charge of getting everyone off in an emergency. It was Happy Hour (free booze) and the flight attendant smelt it so I was refused a beer, that was one embarrassing and long flight back home


I have another one too. Once I was flying from Sarajevo to Doha and we were on our way to see some family in Australia. This was about 3 years back I think. The person sitting next to my sister was Asian and my sister was 5 years old. It was her first time seeing an Asian and she said how can you see with your eyes like that. Luckily they were kind and he responded with I can see but sometimes it is a little blurry lol


I was on a flight with my school a couple years ago where it was my teachers birthday. Flying southwest, you never know what your gonna get. The flight attendant made everyone push to call button for our teacher as candles and we sang mid-flight, then when we were done the “candles” went out. The flight attendant upon landing sang some song and gave all the new people who flew in my class flying certificates. It was a very fun flight!


I was flying in Premium economy and they had an announcement that said the dinner options, one was meatballs and it sounded good. I then asked for it and they were like that’s an economy meal, I’m like oops, my bad. 🤦🏼‍♂️


nah i request more than 50$ tho for that 9 hours of hell

I flew Transavia exactly a year ago…
When we entered the plane at Schiphol for the flight to Crete, my mom noticed that our boarding passes weren’t matching (we booked seats together) so my dad ,me and my brother were mixed through the 737…
I ended up in the middle of a family of 5 ( they were really kind ) my dad also had a nice place, but my brother ended up between 2 very loudy children, he was so annoyed XD XD…