What's the most dangerous approach you've ever tried?

I just wanna know. Write in the comments
(Please put the runway approach because some airports may had other safer approach)

Probably Kai Tak especially with bigger planes like the 747 or Princess Juliana with no ILS to help you on approach


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Def kai tak especially runway 13

Paro, Toncontin, or Saint Maarten the wrong way ( Runway 10 ) in 747

Silgadi Doti on either side of the runway is a real challenge

Madeira with wind gust 45kt

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aspen colorado

Landing at Madeira with an engine failiure (B717) and 37kts of wind.

kai tak in 747💀

Try Runway 02 at Toncontín Airport (MHTG) on a 752 if you want to have some real fun. High terrain and sharp turns make it one of the hardest approaches out there 👍

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