Whats the most challenging approach you have ever completed?

Yesterday I decided to fly GA quite a lot and during this time I stumbled across Lukla in the Nepal area IN A C208 and Innsbruck in the pitch black in the TBM. Personally I found this really fun and was wondering what approaches you have found fun.


When talking to an Easyjet pilot at a Gatwick event, I asked him this very question, and he answered saying Innsbruck.

In real life, Gibraltar (LXGB) is a fairly difficult one to attempt due to the unstable winds caused by the massive rock next to the airport.

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Cusco SPZO and Aspen KASE are both challenging when following the realistic procedures. In Cusco for example, you have make to fly around a mountain making a 180 degrees turn to line up with the runway. Pretty fun though!

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Either TNCS VNLK or NZQN TNCS was only hard because of the small runway

going to say VQPR for sure.

Old Kai Tak I would say. It was just crazy…

NZQN is just an awesomely challenging approach but I also think SKBO being surrounded by mountains makes a smooth approach pretty difficult as well.

Was landing in London city Airport (expert server event), which required a steep approach. I was landing a Dash 8 and was doing about 145knts with a 20knt crosswind from the north which have a bit of trouble to say the least. It was becoming more and more difficult to control her. I was at “50” and decided to go around. Pretty dangerous.

Or landing the TBM at Lukla have to land very early.

VQPR (Paro) also the worlds most challenging approach!

I forgot the name, but I had to make a 180 within 2 mountains and when on final I still had to make another turn to actually see and line up on the runway. It was really fun

PAJN (Juneau)

Most challenging would probably be a domestic 777 on the ANJLL3 into LAX.
Drops you down hot and fast in a slippery plane.
Most FUN on the other hand is probably ASE just because of how many variables go into being able to execute a safe landing there.

I tried Kai Tac and it was hard. I also tried Innsbruck the day of the A320 cockpit update

VQPR (Paro) was by far the hardest approach I’ve ever attempted. The nearest one to that was probably MHTG (Tegucigalpa)

Flying A320 Approaching Queenstown for the first time. Almost hit the mountain 😂

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