What's the most annoying thing you've ran over in Live (also ATC)?


It was definitely this one for me. Only the plane in the very front had takeoff clearance.

Hm a lot of situations. But the most annoying situation is when you create a nice line of incoming flights as Approach, and suddenly some pilots just cut the line and fly straight in. And then your whole sequencing line of incoming airplanes is pretty damned ***. I think that’s worse to recover from then when someone takes off without clearance, since that is easier to fix.

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ive had this happen to me then i get told to do a 360 because someone cuts right into base

Yeah that’s one of the options that could happen. Sucks for the pilots who actually do listen.


like us lol

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When I’m controlling on expert and someone with no atc knowledge flys to my airport.Something funny that has happened twice so far is someone is inbound I say enter right downwind they enter the left downwind and then tell me (call sign on right downwind)

It’s actually expert server now but I got yo drift 😬

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