What's the meaning of " Error Code 7 "

My IF show this just now, what’s wrong with IF ?

What can I do to fix this ?


Have you restarted the app?

Yes, but still show this @Thunderbolt

Okay, can you try everything that Seb mentions in the post linked below?


I’ve tried everything. Only use VPN can fix this.

But I still have a question. Before this week, everything was fine. This has happened three times since the beginning of this week.

I wonder know what happened with IF ?


More likely is a change to your home network. Did a router update? Did something changed on your device you did not know about.

Do you get the same on Cellular?
Does it happen on another wifi network not at your house?

Thanks for your reply, Chris.

The network in my home is okay, I can play video online, browse the web or chat with my friends online. Only IF will display this " Error Code 7 ", or show this ↓ ↓ ↓

Thanks god. Now my IF is back to normal. I restarted app lots of time to fix this issue. But IF didn’t have this problem before.

So…I wonder what causes this issue ? @Chris_S

Error Code 7 is a generic network error, which means something failed between your home connection and an Infinite Flight server and it can’t be reached. Unfortunately, it is one error code that we do not have control over and it’s down to your device/network configuration

Does this happen every single time or is it random? Are you using a VPN from China?

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Emm…it’s a random issue, before v20.2 I always use VPN to play IF. But since v20.2 updated, I don’t need to use a VPN anymore.

Yes, I live in China. This issue happened in the last few days and it’s a random issue. So I’m very puzzled by this problem.

So…Uh, If devs can be sure it’s a simple network glitch, not the game itself. I can understand that, thanks for your patience and thanks for your answer. @Cameron

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Hello Andy,

I am also living in China. I have been flying multiplayer here for years without VPN. If code 7 appears, I suggest you restart the app (or device if needed), and keep trying until it disappears. Consider turning your network into airplane mode and back to wifi as well. A strong wifi is recommended, so if I know there will be weak network at some places, I will spawn using my mobile data and convert back to wifi providing it runs smoothly. Hope that helps!


Hello PlaneLife,

Okay, thanks for your help, I’ll remember your suggest. Thank you~ @PlaneLife2018

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NOOO I can’t fly 😭😭😭

I’ve experienced error code 7 for a little bit now and I am not happy I will try restarting like you said @PlaneLife2018

Just restart your phone or reconnect your internet, it’s a common problem