what's the LONGEST flight you were on

what was your longest flight ever
Mine was the 777-300ER Eva Air 14 hour flight

heres what it looks like not where it’s at

i just upgraded to member


My longest flight is EGLL-KAUS which was about 10 hours. I’m going to Korea next summer though so I’ll have about a 12hr flight under my belt soon

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Also what was your routing on EVA air?

my flight was DAL-TPE

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Huh? That’s not a route IRL

oh really

YMML - LAX 14.5 Qantas 747 / A380 Return

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Oh it must be seasonal lol, I don’t see it on FR24

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Never mind, that’s not a direct flight, it’s just a routing. So I’m doubting whether you’ve actually flown that route 🤔

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Longest flight I’ve been on was 16 hours from San Francisco to Dubai on Emirates… was a great flight though as I flew Business Class.

Edit: just realized this is a duplicate…

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yeah i have flown that route
to see my moms friends there

welp this is the 2019 version

But they don’t fly there

I don’t think that matters seeing as the topic is still open…

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  2. abandon car rip
  3. get a boarding pass
  4. find your gate and sit there till its time just don’t sleep or die
  5. get in and sit down till you get there
  6. why i have to pay for internet reeee

The longest flight I have been on was from DEN-LGW which was about 9 hours.

I’ll say it again. They don’t fly to Dallas 🤷‍♂️

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I can definitely agree with you, I’m looking right now and their all Connecting in Canada

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wrong account fails ;-;