What's the last time you declared a fuel emergency?

The only time I’ve declared a fuel emergency was when I was flying VHHH-EGLL and overslept. Ended up landing at CYQX with 913kg of fuel left in a 77W.

I’ve never had a fuel emergency and never have gotten close. I always pack 2-3 hours of extra fuel.

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It’s been a while, I typically pack enough fuel to get to the destination and plus 45 minutes after

The only time I declare a fuel emergency is when I on purposely set it with little fuel.

KLAX (Los Angeles) to KDFW (Dallas) when I realised I hadn’t got enough fuel so I had to divert to KLBB (Lubbock Preston Smith International), which was the only nearest airport available large enough for me to land my Alegiant 757. I made it there with 10 minutes of fuel left.

The last and only time I’ve ever declared a fuel emergency was in June, when I flew KMIA-FAOR in the CCX. I didn’t realize when I made the flight plan, but the CCX wasn’t even supposed to be able to make the flight. I made it somehow, and landed with 8 minutes to spare.
I took screenshots from the flight: Across the Globe in a Cessna Citation

I’ve never had to, but then I just always fly with way too much fuel! I’m always having to dump fuel en-route to be below MLW.

Just now I crashed 2 miles short of the runway because I ran out of fuel after being in a hold for 20 mins

the first time was the last time, on a 748 and managed to land successfully on my actual destination airport, right after touchdown fuel amount became 0% so the engines quit but i managed to exit the runway and tried to taxi to gate but came to a halt just shortly after cause i lost speed.

i did it yesterday lol did not pack enough fuel which is my folt lol.

I’ve never had to

Never had to declare. I always plan a spare 45 mins of extra fuel + I make all my flight plans with FPLTOIF converter. It’s a fail proof way to fly.

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Never. Got close on a FNF-got vectored halfway to Guam but I had 10% Contingency fuel for that. Almost got into the reserve tho.

why didn’t you declare emergency and divert?

I landed at EGLL in a 747 from KSAN and declared an emergency, on short final I had less than a minute of fuel left, and I ran out of fuel using the reverse thrust and was stranded on the runway XD

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I had to declare minimum fuel a long time ago because I was surprised by strong head winds during my flight. Since then, I always plan with extra fuel.

Last week though I wanted to fly from Frankfurt to Bogota. I used an A340, fully loaded fuel. The problem was that during the first 4 hours of the flight I had to fight with head winds of more than 110kts. Had to make a fuel stop landing on the Azores. Not a fuel emergency, but it could’ve been one. Better safe than sorry.


I have not yet. Crashed once though🤣 Got close with a flight from KJFK to KSEA in a 757. I was yellow the entire flight.

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I‘ve never done that so far.

We want to know why they declared it to

Well, I had fuel emergencies but no ability to declare them since I was in a slow glide in the middle of nowhere.

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