Whats the first post

i was just wondering what was the first
post on infinite flight community
because if you found it i would
like to see it and how it looked

From what I found by looking at other topics I believe it’s this one apart from ones by @system
Welcome to the official Infinite Flight Community

no like by the first person that joined infinite flight Community

@Marc is one of the first who is very active, apart from mods and staff, they’re a few before him but they post quite rarely, including mods and staff probably @ Laura

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Here’s the first ever topic and post on the forum, there are also about 9 pre posted topics here as well that came when Philippe got the forum.

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wait what?

That’s because you don’t have access to it

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well thats S A D

I’m not sure that anyone knows the answer to this question.

It’s part of the TL3 Secrets

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It was most likely a staff member.

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