What's the Fastest You've Gone in Any Commercial Aircraft?

926 km/h - 500 knots in a El Al B744

I flew standard cruising speed for a 747 and a 777.
My best friend flew around mach 2 in a BA Concorde from London Heathrow to NY JFK.
I’m still jealous. ;)

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Quick! Someone make “what’s the slowest you’ve ever been in a comm plane” thread

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did someone really ask why tailwind speeds up a plane I’m not going to call them out… id recommend you read the ATPL Principles of flight book its a good read…

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Ground speed wise, I’ve reached 704 knots riding the jet-stream in a 763 tail number N376AN.

530 miles per hour 737-700

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Not lying in this post

I was on the last Concorde flight into Heathrow in October 2003 I was only 10 months old but I have pictures just locked in the family safe at my great grandmothers house but I went Mach 2 in a.concorde

You do?
Are you able to share them with us?

Ridiculously close to 600MPH in an Iberia Airbus A340-600 SCL-MAD Climbing above a Storm over the Atlantic. It was LOUD!

A gazillion miles per hour on the Millenium Falcon! Chewbacca noise

They are at my great grandmothers who lives in New Zealand I live in Australia I haven’t seen her since 2003 so chances of getting them are very low

That’s a shame. ;)

I know but I do have photos here in Australia of me on a Qantas 747-200 YSSY-YMML 473km/h but I have to find the photo first