What's the easiest plane to land in infinite flight?

Tell me down below the easies plane to land!!

For me that would be the A350

I agree with @MxP, the A350. I also think the 787 is easy to land too.

Ok that’s fair

I think the 787 is hard to land because i have to go on locked view to make sure i don’t tail strike hahahahahah

that means your landing to slow if you are afraid of tail strike.

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trust me I’m not to slow it’s probably just me that finds it hard

The E170 in my opinion is easy to land

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I’ve never flown it so I wouldn’t know hahah I should try it now

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Lmk if you like it 🙂

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I just tried it on short final and the only bad thing was the cockpit camera was placed weird so I thought I was nose diving but I was fine hahahahhahah

The A320 family, A359, A330, B777 family, B737 family and B744/748!

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I agree with the A330 and 777

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