Whats the difference? (Sorry Max for the copyright "Infringement")

I know I know @Maxmustang but in light of recent events, I had to. What about the design of the nozzle is different from Avgas nozzles, why is it different, and who is it named after and why?

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This is a “Hoover Nozzle” on a jet fuel filler, named after the late, great Bob Hoover. It’s flat on the end and won’t fit in an Avgas aircraft - it prevents crews from filling a piston engined aircraft with Jet A accidentally.

Mr. Hoover had a piston engined Shrike Commander that a flight crew mistakenly filled with jet fuel, and after the incident this solution came into play.

Modern automobiles are fitted with different size fuel filler holes that prevent a gas-engined car owner from accidentally putting a larger diesel nozzle into their car.

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@Rodney_Buckland… MaxSez: Trchnically an “OPW” JP nozzle type. Ramp Dog’s know!

(Your infringement Rod will cost you only loss of face and credibility! The conceptualizer always take credit, the infringer is but a footnote in history LOL)

(Info: @MisterLargo… Well done, your on a roll.)

Nice! Bob hoover truly was amazing

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