What's the difference? (Normal and Steep Approach)

I’ve been hearing that EGLC is a steep approach. I’ve never asked but what is the difference between a normal approach and steep approach? Also what airports have a steep approach?

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Normal APPR: 3 degrees
Steep APPR: 5.5 degrees (EGLC)

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The difference is the higher ° for the glide path, a normal one is of 3°, while London City has 5.5°.

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Ohh ok I see so London City has a higher glide scope.

Flaps 15 for normal, flaps 35 for steep

I know that I’m just wondering what’s the difference.

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But the dash 8 in IF has a sticker in the cockpit that says it is not equipped for steep approach, so it will not work.


KSAN has an approach path of 3,5° when landing on runway 27, at how many degrees the approach is qualified as a steep one?

Wait why does it have the 35 flaps if it’s not equipped for the steep approach.

Most airports are normal approaches, London City is the only exception that I know of

Alright now I know.

Thanks for the link so a steep approach is when the angle is 5.5 degrees.

Airports like KASE.

There is another important item regarding steep approaches: The aircraft to be used have to be certified for steep approaches and sometimes the software has to be customized.

Take the Embraer E190.
Its Control law system usually does not allow the speed brakes to be extended after going beyond Flaps 2.
However, in order to be able to maintain the approach speed (V REF) while descending faster, it is neccessary, to use the speed brakes even with Flaps FULL.

So they changed the software and also installed a special switch, labeled steep approach, which is activated on these approaches.

By the way, the E195 is not allowed to fly steep approaches.

And please read this Tutorial Steep approach on A318 (EGLC)

Watch this (Source YouTube) to See, what wie are Talking about (Play attention to the degressiv Indikator . 5,5 DEGREES