What's the difference between a visual, GPS and ILS approach?

Hello Infine Flihht Community. Now that I’m useing the training service, I’m useing ATC. Whenever you are requesting an approach there is three different options available VISUAL, GPS, ILS. What’s the difference between them and what are the different ones used for. Thanks😁

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A GPS approach is given when you are approaching a runway with a grey cone. The GPS approach will give you accurate localizer, but not always keep you clear of terrain (inaccurate glideslope). ILS (red cone) will give you accurate localizer and glideslope. And Visual can be used for any runway. It essentially has you establish yourself on the localizer.

For both ILS and GPS approach should clear you approximately 30° off the localizer and you’ll have to intercept yourself.

Note that not all training server controllers know what their doing, so don’t expect complete professionalism from them. Hope this helps!


It does. Thanks very much👍🏻

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